Managed Bitcoin Mining

fully managed Bitcoin Mining

Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining

We have an American supplier that can design and build fully-integrated immersion cooling mining containers for clients who are interested in Immersion Cooling Mining Containers . The miners, electricity and water are provided by the clients. These mining containers can be used with either single or two-phase coolants. We expect to offer clients with 1MW+ ASIC miners a turnkey, immersion-cooled solution in Q2 2022. For more information, please contact us.

We have a vendor that offers 2MW+ power and Bitcoin mining containers. Their pricing starts at 1 cent per kwh for a minimum 2MW. Although the initial investment is high ($10m+), it is eligible for financing options and rebates from local governments. To learn more about this technology, you will need an NDA. For more information, please contact us.

A mining Shipping container solution is a good option for larger mining clients that have ASIC and GPU units. Containers offer the best flexibility and all the environmental elements needed to keep your miners running cool. The latest cooling, networking, and fire suppression systems are available in mining containers. There are many options for container choices in today’s Crypto market from Bitmain’s Antbox to immersion containers.  We help you find the best providers like QuoteColo and Compass Mining.

  1. The host company provides the container, and you provide the miners. They charge a monthly fee to rent rack space and power. We have a host company that rents miner containers in BC, Canada. They charge per miner. These are the standard ASIC “all-in” rates (power, space cooling, bandwidth) in USD as of Q1 2021: S19 $140 and S17 $120 respectively. You can also request pricing and other options for ASICs.
  2. Client buys container, and the host provides power, land, and Internet connection. Client can either manage the miners or let the host do so. There are options available in North America and Europe, starting at 3-5.5 C/per KWH. This option is usually for clients with more than 300 ASIC/GPU rigs.
  3. Host Provides the container and land, power, and Internet connection. Miners can also be offered as an option. We have hosts around the world who will provide a fully managed bitcoin mining solution starting at 4C/. This is a popular choice for fund managers and investors who are looking to invest in Crypto, but need a fully managed solution. There are also unmanaged options at lower all-in rates.